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Here at Customised Air Conditioning we are proud to offer only the very finest products by some of the best known brands in the industry. Our range of Daikin, Panasonic and Samsung air conditioning systems ensure that there is a climate control solution to suit every home or business, no matter what your requirements are.


Our Daikin Super Inverter ducted air conditioners are unsurpassed when it comes to intelligent climate control. They monitor all external factors, including indoor and outdoor temperatures, to deliver the best performance possible. They are also renowned for their virtually silent operation.

Regular air conditioners operate on a ‘stop start’ principle by working at a fixed speed to deliver a specific amount of cool and warm air. This is not true of the Daikin Inverter systems which operate in a similar fashion to a car’s accelerator, increasing or decreasing power as required. This enables them to attain the desired temperature more quickly and subsequently maintain it without it fluctuating. What that means for you is perfect temperature levels yet lower energy costs.

Daikin’s Super Inverter air conditioners can handle even the most extreme temperatures. In very hot or very cold climates, your indoor temperature will be just as you like it.

To control the temperature in just one room or space in your home, choose one of Daikin’s split systems. Thanks to our range of stylish wall, floor or ceiling mounted units or compact floor consoles we really have something to suit every home.

In the World of air conditioning, nobody does it better than Daikin.


Panasonic’s superior Hot Start System is perfect for chilly weather as it ensures that you don’t have to suffer that horrid blast of cold air whilst waiting for the unit to reach your desired temperature. This advanced technology means that when in Heating Mode the system will not start until the fan coil has reached a temperature that enables it to deliver warm air.

Panasonic air conditioners also benefit from having dual temperature sensors that let you monitor your climate either from the return-air stream or by the wall mounted control pad. They have a 24 hour timer too which means that you can come home from a hard day’s work to the ideal temperature no matter what the weather.

On top of that Panasonic air conditioners also boast an extremely low rate of energy consumption making them a great choice for anyone who likes to have their AC running around the clock. They are also incredibly quiet, a must have for anyone who finds it difficult to sleep or watch television when the air conditioning is running.


Take total control of your climate with our unique iZone’s touch screen control panels. These contemporary looking screens monitor and manage the temperature in each room of your home or business. The user-friendly interface is easy to operate and customise and lets you command the precise temperature of any given room.

You can say goodbye to clumsy remote controls and you can even change the background colours of each screen so that they coordinate with the decor in your rooms.

Whatever you’re looking for here at Customised Air Conditioning Perth we can help. Why not give us a call today to find out more about our products and services.

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