The Highest Standard of Air Conditioning Installation in Perth

In order for an air conditioning unit or system to work efficiently it needs to be installed correctly. That is why at Customised Air Conditioning Perth we train all of our installation technicians to our own very high standards.

Our Regular Installation Process Includes the Following Steps:

  • The indoor unit will be suspended from a threaded rod in the rafters of your home. Because the unit is not making contact with the ceiling, noise caused by vibration is reduced
  • The indoor unit is placed on rubber mounts in an emergency drip tray
  • If for any reason the main drain becomes blocked, water in the drip tray will be directed to a secondary drain instead of leaking onto your ceiling
  • Both of the lines in the refrigerant pipes will be insulated
  • All of the ductwork will be hung by a strap to ensure maximum airflow
  • The return air grilles are correctly sized in order to minimize return air noise
  • The acoustic air duct will also minimise return air noise
  • Each outlet is fitted with a manual in-line damper so our technician can adjust the airflow to each member of the household’s preference
  • The refrigerant pipes on the exterior of your home are covered in a coloured bonding agent that matches the colour of your paint or brickwork
  • The outdoor unit is also mounted on rubber pads to minimize noise caused by vibration

Our installation technicians are more than happy to listen to you and address any queries that you may have. They will do their absolute utmost to install an air conditioning system that is not only efficient but one that is also aesthetically pleasing.

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